1. Clear mask
  2. Clear gel type ear straps
  3. Black adjustable ear straps
  4. Foam Filters for side vents x 2
  5. Foam Filter/Chin Support
  6. Reusable anti mist cloth (200 uses)


Your ClearMask comes with two types of ear straps. A non adjustable gel  type and an adjustable elastic type. We recommend the black elastic ones.

To fit either type push the end though the holes in the mask FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE MASK.

Clear Gel type ear strap

When you push these through the holes they will automatically snap in to place.

Elastic adjustable ear strap

Push the end of each strap through the holes in the mask and tie a double knot in the end of each one to secure them.

Fit the foam filters into the side vents and chin support

These simply push in place.

Cleaning Your ClearMask

We recommend using an alcohol spray cleaner which cleans the mask in a few seconds and also lets you disinfect the foam filers by spraying them though the holes on the outside of the mask. You can use soap and water but the foam filters will take a long time to dry and you’ll need to put them in a warm place. If you use the foam filters

Anti Fog

Keeping a sealed type clear mask fog free can be a real challenge, especially in cold environments. To keep your ClearMask fog free you need to look after it carefully and clean it regularly.

After cleaning your mask you should wipe the inside surface with an anti mist cloth or spray and let it dry. The cloth we supply should last for 100 uses so long as you keep it in it’s resealable bag.

Adjusting the Ear Straps

Pull the straps though the adjusting grommet to make them longer or shorter. When you have the correct length you can cut off the excess if you want.

Chin piece adjustment

If you have a longer face and find the chin support uncomfortable you can cut this off with clippers or a craft knife. Cut from the outer edge to the inner slot at the bottom of the chin support (Note: we have removed the foam for clarity but you don’t need to do so if you cut carefully).

You may also want to glue the chin support foam in place if you cut this part away. We recommend using a hot melt glue gun