Owned and operated by David Ellis, former Managing Director of the World’s largest Medical education provider, the WCEA, we provide clear protective face coverings that are safer because people actually want to wear them.

We’re not an ecommerce marketing company; we’re a technically led organization who follows the science to provide solutions that work for people in the real World not just in the lab.

ClearMask offers Coronavirus protection for everyone

We strongly believe that face masks are crucial in the battle to eliminate coronavirus (COVID-19). They help protect everyone from this highly contagious and potentially fatal virus.

The problem with ordinary face masks is that they need to be worn and used correctly, and critically they need to be regularly replaced or washed, something few people seem to do.

Because they get hot, sweaty and itchy many people don’t wear them as often as they should and they encourage face touching which is extremely dangerous.

Discarded blue Hygiene masks are already being seen in our streets, rivers and seas where they are a serious Eco and Bio hazard.

Many people struggle to wear a conventional face mask. These include suffers of Asthma and COPD. Mask induced Anxiety is a real problem for many. Children and Dogs find them scary.

The Government recommends these people should go mask less and forego the protection everyone else enjoys, this felt wrong to us, especially as they are already in high risk groups, surely they need more protection not less. We decided  it would be better to find a solution.

Masks are also difficult for the hard of hearing. Most people remove their masks when speaking to hearing impaired people, a serious safety problem.

Similarly many in retail and hospitality rely on face to face contact, a big smile and clear communication. They find it impossible to work effectively over a long shift wearing a hot and obstructive cloth face mask.

We developed ClearMask because we wanted to fix these problems

We think we’ve produced a great clear face mask that everyone can wear with confidence.

ClearMask is an easy breathing, affordable, reusable, recyclable face mask. It’s adjustable so one size fits all. It doesn’t need to be removed to talk and its light enough to wear comfortably for hours at a time even in hot and strenuous conditions.

Critically it is really quick and easy to clean with soap and water, keeping your mask clean is the most important precaution you can take.

No face mask is perfect but our philosophy is that the more people wear masks the better we will control this virus. ClearMask is the mask that makes this possible.

We really hope you try ClearMask for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it.