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The Worlds Most Advanced Clear Face Mask

From the Leaders in Clear Shields

Way back when the pandemic first began we realized there was a need for a clear face covering. Authorities around the World were saying “if you can’t wear a cloth mask for medical or mental reasons then wear nothing and expose yourself and others to the virus” – Total Madness.

ClearShield has since  become the leader in clear face shields for anyone who can’t wear a face mask. But we always knew there was a market for a Clear Face Mask and now it’s here.

Designed using everything we have learned, and complying with global legislation. Welcome to ClearMask we hope you love it as much as we do.

Who Needs ClearMask

Everyone who wants to connect and protect

ClearMask makes mask wearing easier for:

  • Teachers and teaching assistants
  • The deaf and hard of hearing
  • The elderly
  • Children, especially those with autism
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Anyone with mask induced anxiety
  • Immunosuppressed people and their caregivers
  • Retail and Hospitality Workers
  • Workers in noisy environments
  • Pets and other animals

ClearMask is the best alternative to fabric face coverings

Cloth face masks were a quick fix to help out when the pandemic first hit, but now that face masks are here to stay we need a better solution.  ClearMask is the mask people have been asking for:  a clear, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly mask that lets us see each other again while protecting ourselves and everyone else.

ClearMask can help protect you AND everyone else

There are three reasons that fabric masks actually INCREASE your risk of catching the virus. It’s why the scientists tell you face masks protect others but don’t protect the wearer. ClearMask virtually eliminates these risks and helps protect you AND the people you meet.

  1. Masks encourage face touching as they get hot and itchy, face touching is the main way the virus spreads.
  2. Wearing masks without cleaning/discarding them is very dangerous .
  3. Removing your mask or wearing it incorrectly makes it ineffective. This is a very common problem with face masks

ClearMask is Accepted Worldwide

ClearMask Complies in Countries and States that mandate mask wearing

Most rules say you need to wear a mask that covers the face and nose or nostrils, ClearMask does this.

ClearMask Complies in countries and States that don’t mandate or only recommend mask wearing

If you don’t need to wear a mask but want to stay safe, then ClearMask is the answer.

ClearMask Complies for People who are exempted from wearing a Mask

Most legislatures say if you can’t wear a mask for medical or mental reasons then you can go mask free or wear a shield. ClearMask exceeds this requirement and lets the vulnerable protect themselves.

The FDA has approved clear masks and the UK Government supplied 250,000 clear face masks to frontline NHS and social care workers in September this year.

Although we believe ClearMask complies in all cases where a face mask is needed for non medical use, we cannot be responsible for rulings of individual authorities and you need to check the rules and compliance requirements in your area..

Free UPS 3 working day courier upgrade when you buy 3 or more masks

Choose standard post delivery and we will upgrade you automatically if delivery is in the EU/UK

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